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March 21st, 2007

03:02 pm - The truth about "free markets"
This is one of the best articles I've read in a long time. It discusses the recent dramatic rise in the number of billionaires worldwide, as well as how they got their and what the effects have been.


Some highlights below, but you really need to read the whole article to understand it:

"The total wealth of this global ruling class grew 35% year to year topping $3.5 trillion USD, while income levels for the lower 55% of the world’s six-billion-strong population declined or stagnated. Put another way, one hundred millionth of the world’s population (1/100,000,000) owns more than over three billion people. Over half of the current billionaires (523) came from just three countries: the US (415), Germany (55) and Russia (53). The 35% increase in wealth mostly came from speculation on equity markets, real estate and commodity trading, rather than from technical innovations, investments in job-creating industries or social services."

"Massive privatization led to the capitalist gang wars and the disarticulation of the Russian economy. As a result there was an 80% decline in living standards, a massive devaluation of the Ruble and the sell-off of invaluable oil, gas and other strategic resources at bargain prices to the rising class of predator billionaires and US-European oil and gas multinational corporations."

"Of the total $157.2 billion USD owned by the 38 Latin American billionaires, 30 are Brazilians or Mexicans with $120.3 billion USD. The wealth of 38 families and individuals exceeds that of 250 million Latin Americans; 0.000001% of the population exceeds that of the lowest 50%. In Mexico, the income of 0.000001% of the population exceeds the combined income of 40 million Mexicans."

"The period of greatest decline in living standards in Latin America and Russia coincide with the dismantling of the nationalist populist and communist economies. Between 1980-2004, Latin America -- more precisely Brazil, Argentina and Mexico -- stagnated at 0% to 1% per capita growth. Russia saw a 50% decline in GNP between 1990-1996 and living standards dropped 80% for everyone except the predators and their gangster entourage."

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October 29th, 2006

03:22 pm - Electronic Blockade to Protest Police Action in Oaxaca!
An electronic blockade of Mexican consulate sites has been called in response to the murder of NYC Indymedia journalist Brad Will and in support of the people of Oaxaca, Mexico against the Mexican police.



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October 4th, 2006

04:10 pm - Welcome to fascism.
The American government no longer has any claim to the ideals of freedom, democracy, or justice.


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August 25th, 2006

07:22 pm - Gotta get out of the USA
A former programmer for NASA and Exxon has finally come forward to testify before the US Judiciary that he was enlisted by Republicans to create a program which could guarantee Bush’s presidential election victory.


Don't forget the links to related articles on US election fraud at the end of this one.

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07:21 pm
"Most activists date the latest wave of repression, popularly termed the “green scare,” from December 7, 2005, when the FBI carried out a series of raids around the US. Further arrests and indictments followed until a total of fourteen people were charged with various counts of arson, destruction of property, and conspiracy in the oddly-named “Operation Backfire[2].” Of these, Joseph Dibee, Josephine Overaker, and Rebecca Rubin are thought to be in hiding outside the US, while William Rodgers allegedly committed suicide in his jail cell on the winter solstice. Stanislas Meyerhoff, Kevin Tubbs, Chelsea Dawn Gerlach, Suzanne Savoie, and Kendall Tankersley are believed to be cooperating with the government—i.e., offering to testify against others in hopes of receiving lighter sentences. The entire case of the FBI seems to have initially been based on the testimony of one heroin addict, Jacob Ferguson, so the decision of others to cooperate with the state is particularly troubling. Daniel McGowan, Jonathan Paul, and Briana Waters are currently free on outrageously high bail[3], while Joyanna Zacher and Nathan Block have been denied bail as a result of the testimony of informants. The trial is cartoonishly scheduled for Halloween, October 31, 2006.

The following month, Zachary Jenson, Lauren Weiner and Eric McDavid were arrested in Auburn, California for allegedly conspiring to commit actions on behalf of the ELF. They were set up by an FBI agent provocateur, “Anna,” who was sleeping with one of them; apparently she bought bomb-making materials and rented a bugged house for them. Apparently “Anna” had been traveling in anarchist circles since summer of 2004, attending two CrimethInc. convergences and a host of other events[4] (in the muddled words of FBI flunky Nasson Walker, “The s/he has provided information that has been utilized in at least twelve separate anarchist cases.”). Lauren was released into house arrest on $1.2 million bail, and subsequently pleaded guilty and agreed to testify against the others—an infuriating development when her codefendants were starving in isolation cells. Two months later, the very night this article was finished, Zachary was reported to have just done the same thing."


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March 20th, 2006

09:10 am - What a surprise...
The White House tried to argue for warrantless searches of terror suspects after 9/11.


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March 17th, 2006

09:12 am - Sorry Tanner, I have to
from Tanner's LJ:

12:12 am - goddamn liberals
i make less that 25k a year and i OWE money???????

Actually, this would clearly be the fault of the conservatives. Liberals are in favor of redistributive and progressive income tax structures which would place less burden on the lower classes and more on the upper classes. Conservative efforts such as Bush's tax cut plan (which focuses almost exclusively on the rich) force a higher percentage of government revenue to come from the already overburdened working class. This is especially true when you notice that the federal budget shortfall is often shifted to the states who then blatantly increase taxation on the poor via sales tax, etc.

And from a larger perspective, it is understandable how you and other members of the working class could be lured by the Republicans' campaign promises for tax cuts. Americans do pay too much to the government - considering the fact that they get almost no social benefits from this money. Due to conservative efforts, a tragic amount of the government budget is spent on war or corporate handouts. Corporate welfare amounts to almost five times as much as social welfare.

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March 1st, 2006

09:02 am - Goddammit
Like we need any other factors keeping us in poverty:


A Mississippi House committee voted Tuesday to ban most abortions in the state - an unexpected move that left abortion opponents grappling to stake out a position on a proposal that could prompt a lengthy court battle.

The only abortions allowed under the bill would be if the life of the pregnant woman were in danger. There would be no abortions allowed in cases of pregnancy caused by rape or incest.

It's similar to a bill that South Dakota lawmakers passed last week.

At least they put this part in there so that they can ignore it:

Rep. Omeria Scott, D-Laurel, persuaded the House committee to approve an amendment that says the state would provide free education and medical services to any child born in the state, until age 19.

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February 24th, 2006

07:20 pm - HAH
The Sex Pistols have opted out of appearing at their induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

The groundbreaking English punk rock group officially declined the honor -- to be handed out March 13 at a dinner and performance at the Waldorf Astoria in New York -- in a crudely scrawled, mispunctuated handwritten message posted on the bands Web site Friday.


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February 20th, 2006

09:03 am - Latin American elections
In the first elections since the US overthrew President Aristide in Haiti in 2004, Aristide's protoge Rene Preval won the presidency of the country (after some tense days). He is a left-wing humanitarian, etc etc.


The Costa Rican elections came out as a virtual tie between two candidates and is now in a manual recount. One is a center-left Nobel Prize Winner and the other is a far-left psuedo-socialist.


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